Sew your custom design

Don't want it printed? Our embroidery service is a computer-based process that uses multicolored thread to sew your custom design directly into the garment. For that hand-made, stitched look, our embroidery process has got you covered. With the minimum quantity for embroidered apparel at just 15 pieces for polos and just 15 pieces for hats, it's easy to get the professional look you want for your group.


(Digitizing is the art of converting your design into stitches for sewing.)

  • Simple Design $25
  • Medium Complexity $35
  • Complex $55


Flexfit hats, Polos, Jackets, Bags, Tackle Twill, and much more!


Pricing for embroidery is all based on thread or “stitch” count. Itʼs $5 dollars for the first 5,000 stitches and then $1 more for each additional 1,000 stitches on top of the cost of the garment.

  • Contract pricing is available for those who qualify.

All hat pricing is reflecting a front image with 5,000 stitches or less. Add $1.50 for a second placement that has 2,000 stitches or less, add $3 dollars for 2,000 + stitch second placement.



6277 Cotton Mid Profile 6 panel17.2515.2513.7512.25
6477 Wool Blend Mid-Profile 6 Panel17.7515.7514.2512.75
621OFF Flat Bill High-Profile 6 panel18.0016.0014.5013.00
6777 Mesh Structured Low-Profile16.7514.7513.2511.75
6577CD Cool & Dry Mid-Profile17.5015.5014.0012.50


112 Classic Snapback Trucker Hat15.7513.7512.2510.75
112P Printed Front Classic Snapback Trucker Hat17.2515.2513.7512.25
112FP 5 Panel Classic Snapback Trucker15.7513.7512.2510.75
511 Wool Blend Flatbill Trucker17.7515.7514.2512.75
PTS20 Pulse Performance R-Flex Hat (XS/S, S/M, L/XL)20.0018.0016.5015.00

New Era

NE400 Flat Bill Snap Back High-Profile18.5016.5015.0013.50
NE204 Mid-Profile Snapback Contrast Mesh17.7515.7514.2512.75
NE403 Flatbilled Snapback Trucker18.5016.5015.0013.50
NE1020 Stretch Mesh Cap Mid-Profile17.7515.7514.2512.75
NE302 Stretch Mesh Youth Mid-Profile17.7515.7514.2512.75

Port Authority

CP80 Cotton Twill Mid-Profile Velcro Back13.7511.7510.258.75
YCP80 Youth Cotton Twill Mid-Profile Velcro13.7511.7510.258.75
C833 Pro Mesh Mid-Profile Velcro Back15.0013.0011.5010.00
YC833 Youth Mesh Mid-Profile Velcro Back15.0013.0011.5010.00
CP96 Brushed Canvas Unstructured Velcro14.5012.5011.009.50
CP77 Brushed Twill Unstructered Low-Profile14.0012.0010.509.00


K420 Pique Knit Polo 100% Cotton20.0019.0018.0017.00
L420 Ladies Pique Knit Polo 100% Cotton20.0019.0018.0017.00
Y420 Youth Pique Knit Polo 100% Cotton17.0016.0015.0014.00
TLK420 Tall Pique Knit Polo 7oz 100%22.5021.5020.5019.50
K500 Silk Touch Poly/Cotton17.0016.0015.0014.00
L500 Ladies Silk Touch Poly/Cotton17.0016.0015.0014.00
Y500 Youth Silk Touch Poly/Cotton16.5015.5014.5013.50
TLK500 Tall Silk Touch Poly/Cotton22.0021.0020.0019.00